Monday, July 2, 2012

Changes In Driving Laws Catch Drivers Unaware

Changes in state driving laws often catch drivers unaware. As laws change, there are few venues that alert drivers to the changes, making it more likely that drivers will be stopped and ticketed. This results in higher insurance fees for the driver, plus fines for the violation. More drivers are paying higher insurance rates for accidental violations of unknown laws.

The lack of information for driving law changes is frustrating for those who have found themselves in accidental violation. Cell phone laws are not always clearly understood. New laws regarding changing lanes for police cars involved in a traffic stop have not been clearly identified to the public. Some of the fines associated with the violations are in excess of seven hundred dollars.

In order to help combat this rather common problem, many insurance representatives have started encouraging their clients to start following insurance news websites. This helps to keep drivers more aware of any changes or pending changes to driving laws. Simply having a source of information can help drivers abide by the new laws with a greater frequency.

Of course, with online auto insurance rapidly becoming the fastest and easiest way to get a quote and file a claim many representatives do not have the chance to discuss upcoming driving law changes with their clients. It becomes completely up to the driver to find out about recent changes within their state or any state they may be traveling through.

It is essential that the information reaches the public in complete and comprehensive manner. Drivers are not going to be able to avoid fines and penalties if they are not able to access the various changes, which skeptical citizens believe may be the point. Many people believe the lack of available information is intentional.

There is revenue to be gained by ticketing drivers, and some police departments are laden with quotas for issuing tickets. This puts pressure on the police to stop and ticket drivers for the smallest infractions if the quota has not been met. The financial burden on drivers can become difficult to deal with, leading to more driving issues for average families.

Those who have been stopped for an unknown violation can attest to the need for greater information and public awareness when it comes to abiding by the new laws. As more violations and infractions are found by zealous police officers, more drivers are suffering the consequences of a lacking news source for basic driving information.

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